Case Studies

Reducing Caregiver Injuries with Motorized Equipment Transport

April 4, 2017

Northwest Kidney Centers in Seattle, Washington is the world’s first dialysis organization. It currently provides 250,000 dialysis treatment procedures annually to 1,600 patients at its freestanding centers and at homes. Its Hospital Services Group also provides an additional 1,100 dialysis treatments each month to patients at ten local healthcare…

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Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference

May 27, 2016

PHS West was approached by a customer to build a customized Ergo-Express Motorized cart for chip and coin counting at a casino.  When initial contact was made, the design process began and a few revisions were made to the cart…

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Training Video and Supporting Documents

May 12, 2016


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Acute Dialysis Equipment Transport: The Injury Risk is Real

May 6, 2016

With an aging workforce, keeping staff injury free has become more and more priority and the Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Carts are one way to drastically aid in injury prevention.  In today’s economy retirement age is being pushed later…

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It Never Hurts to Plan Ahead

February 16, 2016

PHS West, Inc. manufactures the Ergo-Express line of power carts, tugs and patient transport chairs and the Featherweight…

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New Featherweight Endoscopy Carts for an Endo Center in Wisconsin

December 23, 2015

An endoscopy nurse manager from Wisconsin was in dire need of replacing old procedure room carts in her endoscopy center.  They were out dated and no longer serving the departments needs for storage of supplies and equipment.  Previously he had seen an ad in endoscopy nurse journal for a…

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Featherweight® SPECS™ Travel Cart System – The Best of All Worlds

June 8, 2015

A prospective customer called PHS West with interest in exploring new options for an endoscopy cart.  The number one concern was overall size due to constraints in the patient’s rooms.  The customer currently had a powered endoscopy cart from a different manufacturer that was not working well for the…

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Motorized Tugs Move Bulk Deliveries

May 21, 2015

This customer was in an old facility attached to the Delivery Docks.  They have since moved to a new facility that is 400 yards from the Docks and need a solution for transporting their delivered Linen and Materials.

Their motive was to find a safe and timely solution for their…

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Motorized Dialysis Carts: Proven ROI

May 4, 2015

Many hospitals have implemented Safe Patient Handling Standards. Currently these standards are focused on transporting and transferring patients from one area/surface to another. Unfortunately, in an acute hospital setting not all patients are well enough to be transported to the dialysis department for treatment, hence your daily task of…

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