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What Sets PHS West Apart?

Our data center server rack lifting products have been designed to accomplish the work you need to get done without any need for modification.

Server rack lift platform


Lowest Platform Height

Confidently install server hardware at any height with the lowest platform reach available on the market. Our standard lifter platform can be lowered below four inches with no need for modification.

Data center lift hand held controller


Hand Held Controller

The hand held controller lets you raise and lower the platform with pin point accuracy by eliminating line-of-sight obstructions. Get a clear view of the server rack and lifter platform for faster alignment.

Data center lift locking mechanism


Central Brake System

Adjust the caster settings between fully locked, directionally locked, and freewheel with the press of your foot. This allows you to hold the lifter steady while switching between the caster functions.

Server rack lift power pack


Hot-Swappable Power Pack

Your server rack lift can’t be limited by strenuous duty cycles. Easily replace drained batteries with hot-swappable power packs and eliminate the potential for unwanted downtime during your day.

About Our Server Rack Lift

Lift server equipment safely end efficiently with a PHS West data center lift. Our server rack lifts are constructed from durable, lightweight materials for ease of transport. The low-friction platform can be lowered to under four inches allowing access to the entire server rack. An intuitive pendant control can be positioned along the grip handles wherever is most convenient for the user. Add accessories including mast mounted ladder hangers so you always have what you need when you need it.

Hitch your data center lift to an Ergo-Express® Motorized Service Cart to maximize your teams efficiency. This system accommodates everything you will need to perform routine server maintenance in a single trip. Contact us today to get started.

Motorized Service Cart

Our motorized service carts act as a mobile storage system and workbench for accomplishing routine server maintenance tasks.

Ergo-express service cart and server rack lift


Lifter Hitch

Pairing your service cart with a lifter is as simple as hitching them together. These two products compliment one another and are designed to interlink seamlessly for ease of transport.

Service cart power drive


Power Drive System

Our power drive system takes the risk out of material transportation by eliminating the need for pushing or pulling. Simply engage the throttle and let the carts motor carry the load for you.

Service cart duty cycle


Duty Cycle

Minimize downtime with a reliable battery powered system. A full charge will power your cart for eight hours. Batteries can be charged during downtime without decreasing their lifespan.

Service Cart - Shelving and Drawers


Shelving & Drawers

Low friction work surfaces make loading and unloading equipment a breeze. Choose the right shelving and drawer options for storing everything you need to bring with on the job.

About Our Service Carts

Eliminate injury risks and bolster your data center team’s efficiency with an Ergo-Express® Motorized Service Cart. Transport everything you need for performing routine server maintenance using a motorized cart. Reliable batteries provide eight hours of continuous use for even the most demanding duty cycles. Low friction surfaces make transferring equipment to and from your service cart a breeze. Furthermore, modular storage and accessory options can be configured to accommodate the tools and equipment you use every day.

Configured Around You

Products developed by PHS West are designed specifically with you in mind. We take a holistic approach with our customers from the first call through the life of your product and beyond.

Select Your Solution

With our wide range of material handling products, PHS West can address your teams day-to-day challenges with purpose built server rack lifts.

Review Design Options

Work with your dedicated internal sales team to review accessory options and ensure you are getting the perfect lifter to meet your needs.

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