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What Sets Us Apart?

PHS West is committed to providing products that improve your ability to get things done safely and efficiently. Our consultative approach allows us to fit you with the the perfect linen cart for accomplishing your day-to-day workloads.



Collaborative Process

Our team will fit you with the perfect laundry and linen cart to meet your specific capacity, containment, and travel requirements.



A Solutions That Works

Keep your housekeeping operations moving smoothly. Any cart we manufacture will be an asset to your team for years to come.



Optional Motorization

Adding a power drive system to your linen transport cart is the perfect option for transporting heavy loads safely and efficiently.


We offer a wide range of storage options for your housekeeping needs. Whether you need to move soiled bulk linens or cleaned and pressed laundry, we can fit you with an industrial laundry trolley that will get the job done.



Fiberglass Linen Cart

Lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Fiberglass linen carts are perfect for managing bulk laundry in facilities of any size.



Open Linen Cart

Vertical shelving keeps your linens neatly arranged and an open design allows for ease of access when loading or offloading.



Semi-Enclosed Linen Cart

A semi-enclosed design featuring a vinyl cover for the front keeps fresh linens securely contained while you make your deliveries.



Fully Enclosed Linen Cart

Fully enclosed linen carts feature locking double doors that fold around the enclosure when opened to keep them out of your way.

Configured Around You

Our design process allows you to configure the perfect cart for your linen and laundry transportation needs.

Select a cart

With our wide range of material handling products, PHS West can address your teams day-to-day challenges with purpose built laundry and linen carts.

Configure Your Cart

Work with your dedicated internal sales team to review enclosure options and ensure you are getting the perfect linen cart to meet your needs.

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PHS West will be here to help you, your team, and your key decision makers however we can through the duration of your purchasing process.

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