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A wide variety of containment, securement, and shelving options are available. Select from open, semi-enclosed, fully enclosed or fiberglass to best fit your storage needs. Add drawers or bins within the cabinet for optimal supply organization.

Featherweight open linen cart


Open Linen Cart

Maximize the space available for storage and organization of your supplies.

Featherweight semi-enclosed linen cart


Semi-Enclosed Linen Cart

The semi-enclosed option offers three sides with a vinyl front flap.



Fully Enclosed Linen Cart

A fully enclosed cart mirrors the semi-enclosed option with latching doors, instead of vinyl.

Fiberglass bulk linen cart


Fiberglass Linen Cart

Our high-strength, reinforced, seamless fiberglass construction is three times stronger than similar poly carts, can be easily repaired and has no sensitivity to temperature change or chemicals and cleaning processes.

Customized For You

Products developed by PHS West are designed specifically with our customer in mind. Our team takes a holistic customer focus and approach referencing the whole customer process from beginning to end, not just a sale.

Select a cart

PHS West offers multiple customization options varying from heavy duty components for your heavier loads, retractable drive allowing you to maneuver any direction, and an endless array of optional accessories. Our team of seasoned sales representatives take the time to build and maintain trust committing to being there for our customers.

Customize Your Cart

We are known for our honesty and integrity. When you work with one of our experienced team members, you will experience respect and knowledge unmatched by the competition. Build your cart to your specific requirements getting exactly what you need; nothing more, nothing less.

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Once you have established your perfect cart along with any necessary accessories, our sales team will promptly deliver a personalized quote. Not ready to jump to a quote just yet? You will never experience pressure from a member of our team as we pride ourselves in showing respect in everything we do. Ask one of our team members to set up a free, on site or virtual demonstration to ensure you and your team are pleased with our product.

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What Sets Us Apart

When it comes to manufacturing, we believe it is rather unique to acquire a staff stacked with hardworking, fun, caring and goal-oriented employees doing their best every day. This quality makes us stand out from the rest and we are proud to show it! Providing the best ergonomic transport answer to your current need, the products we develop are designed specifically with the customer in mind. Taking a holistic customer focus and approach from the first hello through the life of the product allows us to build relationships with our customers. Our team is responsive to both you and one another so you will never be left hanging.

Each member of the PHS West team does the right thing. It is as simple as that.