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What Sets Us Apart

Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Carts are the perfect system for safe and efficient patient ceiling lift load testing.



Designed for the Job

Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Carts are purpose built for testing ceiling mounted patient lift systems.



Scheduling Convenience

Perform overhead lift system testing on your schedule and eliminate the need for third-party services.



Power Drive Option

Move your patient ceiling lift testing weights on a motorized cart to reduce fatigue and mitigate injuries.


Select from our models of Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Carts to find the best fit for your specific needs.

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Removable Weight Plates

Ceiling Lift Load Test Manual Push Cart

Our push cart model is a simple and effective system for performing patient ceiling lift testing. With the smallest footprint of our load test carts, you can easily store this system without taking up floor space.

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Removable Weight Plates

Motorized Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart

Featuring our power drive system, this cart lets you travel long distances with no manual force. Perform overhead patient lift testing in facilities of any size and end your work shift without feeling sore or exhausted.

About Our Load Test Carts

Manufacturer specifications require periodic testing of ceiling mounted patient lift systems for safe patient handling. Unfortunately, there are few purpose-built products on the market for performing hoist load testing. The result? Makeshift solutions that are potentially unsafe and reliance on third-party services.

Our line of Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Carts were designed to address those challenges. Perform patient ceiling lift load testing with a product designed for the task. With our virtual showroom, you can schedule live demonstrations of our load test carts and meet with your design team in real time.

Configured Around You

Our design process allows you to configure the perfect ceiling lift load test cart for your team.

Select Your Solution

With our range of cart models, PHS West can address your patient lift system testing challenges with purpose built load test carts.

Review Design Options

Work with your dedicated internal sales team to review design options and ensure you are getting the perfect load test cart for your facility.

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PHS West will be here to help you, your team, and your key decision makers however we can through the duration of your purchasing process.

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