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Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart

Multi-Selection Weight Kit

The Ergo-Express® Motorized Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart with Multi-Selection Weight Kit offers an immediate return on investment allowing one staff member to perform a task that previously took two to three. With the option of testing different weights all on one cart, you eliminate the need for multiple staff to complete one test. Increase employee morale simply because staff will no longer return home tired and sore. Easily select desired weight in 10 pound increments.


Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart

Removable Weight Plates

The Ergo-Express® Motorized Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart with Removable Weight Plates allows one person to perform all load testing in an efficient manner.  Eliminate the risk of a push or pull injury associated with transporting weights for load testing ceiling lifts. Add or remove 25 pound weight plates to test different weights using the same cart.

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Ceiling Lift Load Test Push Cart

Removable Weight Plates

A small footprint to accommodate tight patient rooms with the ability to test different weights will eliminate the need for additional staff. The push cart option is a budget friendly piece that will increase employee morale immediately.

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