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About Motorized Carts

How are PHS West carts different from other platform carts?

PHS West carts are built around ergonomic design principles and feature our Power Drive technology, allowing for heavier loads to be transported by a single individual without placing additional strain on them.

What is a battery powered cart used for?

A battery powered cart is used to safely and efficiently accomplish strenuous material handling tasks by providing operators with a motorized system for moving materials across their facility.

What are the benefits of a motorized cart?

Motorized carts allow heavier loads to be transported without the risk of overexertion. This reduces the number of trips an operator has to take to move the same amount of materials, thereby increasing their overall efficiency in accomplishing tasks.

What kinds of powered carts does PHS West offer?

PHS West offers a wide range of powered platform carts to suit a variety of workspaces including industrial, commercial, healthcare and data center settings. Our broad selection of optional shelving, cabinets and railing can be added to any cart to better suit your specific material handling needs.

Can PHS West provide a motorized cart that is custom made?

Yes, we can work with you to design and manufacture a motorized cart for applications that cannot be met by our off-the-shelf options. We have provided numerous customers with custom motorized carts built to accomplish a variety of niche material handling tasks.

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