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Why Choose PHS West?

Our motorized server rack tugs are purpose-built for safely transporting fully populated server cabinets within data centers.

Server tug power drive


Power Drive System

Featuring a powerful central drive wheel, our motorized server tug can haul racks weighing up to 5,000 pounds without putting any strain on the operator. Easily maintain a comfortable speed with the intuitive user interface controls.

Server tug increased stability


Increased Stability

Eliminate the risk of server racks tipping during transportation. Purpose built hitch plates and heavy-duty straps secure the server rack and provide a stable base while on flat surfaces and inclines or in the event of a rack caster breaking.

Data center tug duty cycle


Duty Cycle

High capacity batteries provide eight hours of continuous use on a full charge and can be topped off during downtime without impacting battery longevity. Get more done in less time without worrying about running out of gas.

Data center tug global certification


Global Certification

Our tugs are globally certified with universal charging systems allowing for seamless integration into any facility. As a turnkey product, training and implementation can begin as soon as your tug arrives on site. No assembly required.

About Our Server Rack Tugs

The Ergo-Express® Motorized Server Rack Tug eliminates the need for manual force while also stabilizing the server rack during transportation. Safely transport server racks weighing up to 5,000 pounds on inclines of up to 15 degrees without the risk of running away or tipping over.

Find out why data center teams across the globe have put their trust in Ergo-Express® Motorized Server Rack Tugs. Boost the safety and efficiency of your team with a powered server rack tug today.

Server Rack Ramp Features

Load and unload server racks safely and efficiently by combining a server ramp with your server rack tug.

Server Ramp Aligning with Crate


Optimal Maneuverability

Our server ramps feature full swivel casters and removable hand rails making it easy to position from any angle and store when not in use.

Server Rack Ramp Coupling



Integrated self-leveling features simplify connecting to shipping crates while also mitigating potential tipping hazards during use.

Server Ramp Locking Mechanism


Secure Latches

The secure latching mechanism creates a secure link between the ramp and shipping crate base for safe loading and offloading.

About Our Server Rack Ramps

Server ramps are designed to link with the base of server rack shipping crates to provide a stable platform for loading and unloading racks.

Configured Around You

Products developed by PHS West are designed specifically with you in mind. We take a holistic approach with our customers from the first call through the life of your product and beyond.

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With our wide range of material handling products, PHS West can address your teams day-to-day challenges with purpose built data center server tugs.

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Work with our dedicated internal sales team to develop a powered server rack tug that will integrate seamlessly into your daily operations.

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