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Features and Accessories

What sets the Ergo-Express® Motorized Patient Transport Chair apart.

Side with Chair Swiveled

Features and Accessories

180° Rotational, Comfort Padded Seat

The 180° swivel allows you to position the seat with optimal convenience for assisting patients on or off in confined areas. Three inches of memory foam along with the 10° seat back recline add supreme comfort during transport.

Chair Side

Features and Accesories

Automatic Brake

When the chair is not in motion via the power drive, the brake is always locked. This means you can stop on an incline and the chair will not roll away

Back of chair angled

Features and Accessories

Center Mounted Drive

The center-mounted power drive allows for the shortest turning radius of any powered transport chair available.

Straight On

Features and Accessories

Foot Platform

Patients can safely rest their feet on the foot platform of the Ergo-Express® Motorized Patient Transport Chair.

Angled, Arm Rests Up

Features and Accessories

Adjustable Arm Rests

The arm rests on each Ergo-Express® Motorized Patient Transport Chair adjust in and out or can be completely removed. They can also fold up and out of the way.

Optional Upgrades

Select additional accessories to further ensure your chair is the exact fit to your needs.

What Sets Us Apart

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