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What Sets Us Apart

It’s not just what we put into our endoscopy carts that makes them stand out. It is the process we go through to ensure you receive the perfect cart for your department.



Collaborative Process

Our knowledgeable representatives work with you to configure an endoscopy cart around your needed equipment. Whatever you need in an endo cart, we can make it happen.



Configurable Design

We use modular, prefabricated components allowing each accessory, shelf, and storage option to be positioned according to your specific supply and equipment requirements.



Quality & Trust

We have been providing endoscopy teams with solutions for endoscopic equipment storage and transportation for over two decades. Your investment will last for years to come.



Power Drive Option

Our endoscopy carts can be fitted with a power drive system to make travel cases a breeze. Simply engage the cart’s throttle and guide the cart to its destination without strain.

Endoscopy Procedure Carts

A Featherweight® Procedure Room Cart is the ideal system for organizing supplies and endoscopic equipment. Unmatched configurability allows Featherweight® products to be designed around your unique needs.

Featherweight double endoscopy workstation cart with keyboard tray - small


Double Endoscopy Cart

Our largest cart featuring ample storage capacity and a spacious work surface. Store everything needed for procedures in one convenient system.

Featherweight single short endoscopy procedure cart with scope holder and monitor mount - small


Short Endoscopy Cart

The perfect system for creating a cart dedicated to supplies or endoscopic equipment. The small footprint allows for minimal floorspace impact.

Featherweight single tower endoscopy cart for procedure rooms - small


Tower Endoscopy Cart

Added height allows for more storage system configurations. An excellent option for creating a small multi-role or dedicated workstation.

Endoscopy Travel Carts

Featherweight® Endoscopy Travel Carts are designed to overcome the challenges of travel cases. They allow a single operator to move a fully loaded cart without risking overexertion injuries from pushing or pulling.

Featherweight double endoscopy workstation cart with keyboard tray - small


Double Endoscopy Cart

A double endoscopy cart is an ideal solution for shorter travel cases. We can configure a cart for whatever you need to bring with you.

Featherweight motorized double endoscopy travel cart with locking storage drawers and tank holder - small


Motorized Double Endoscopy Cart

Transport everything you need for a travel case with one endoscopy cart. Configured to meet your exact equipment and supply specifications.

Featherweight SPECs motorized endoscopy cart with various supply carts


SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart

Designed for travel cases to confined patient rooms, the SPECS™ combines small detachable endo workstations into one portable system.

About Our Endoscopy Carts

Is storage space becoming a commodity? Do you need a better system for travel cases? Whatever situation you are in, our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the right solution.

Featherweight® Endoscopy Carts are the result of over 25 years of direct collaboration with endoscopy teams. We work with you to configure an endo cart that perfectly accommodates your endoscopic supplies and devices. Design a dedicated storage cart or an all-in-one endoscopy travel cart using our range of modular components.

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Configured Around You

Our design process allows you to configure the perfect endoscopy workstation for your team.

Select A Cart

Choose an endo cart that fits your needs. Whether you need to a space saving solution or a dedicated travel system, we have the right cart for you.

Configure Your Cart

Our experienced team of design consultants will work with you to configure an endoscopy travel or procedure cart based on your specific requirements.

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After designing your endoscopy cart, our team will provide a personalized quote including all storage and accessory selections. Contact us today to get started!

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