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Mitigating Overexertion Injuries in the Workplace

Workplace safety varies from industry to industry. The precautions taken for a construction worker are not the same as those taken for a receptionist. That said, the broad category of risks faced by both blue- and white-collar workers share certain similarities.

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Amplex Acquires PHS West, Inc. – Manufacturer of Specialized Material Handling Equipment and Medical Carts

Amplex AB has acquired all shares in PHS West, Inc. The seller is the company’s founder Dan Cummings. PHS West, Inc. is located in Rockford, Minnesota.

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PHS West Custom Linen Carts

PHS West manufactures custom laundry carts to meet your specific linen needs. We provide lightweight, custom alum …

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AGM Batteries | A Brief History

Electricity is perhaps one of the most influential scientific discoveries of the last 400 years. The citizens of developed countries rely on readily available electricity to perform a wide range of daily tasks. Without it, many modern conveniences would be impossible. It lights our homes, provides reliable refrigeration, keeps our air conditioners running, and lets us post pictures of our cats on social media through our smart phones.

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Customer Feedback on our Ergo-Express® Lifter

Our territory sales manager, Jason Pugh, answered a few questions regarding customer feedback on the Ergo-Express® Lifter.

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Customer Feedback on our Featherweight® SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart

Our Inside Sales Manager answered a few questions regarding customer feedback on the Featherweight® SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart.

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