Customer Feedback on our Featherweight® SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart

March 15, 2019

Here at PHS West, Inc., we’ve been the innovators of the endoscopy travel cart for more than 20 years. Case in point, our Featherweight® SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart has the smallest footprint while being the most organized option for any travel procedure. This is made possible by having all…

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Customer Feedback on our Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart

February 1, 2019

Here at PHS West, Inc. we pride ourselves in making your workplace safer and more efficient by finding innovative solutions to your material handling issues. Our Ergo-Express® Motorized Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart allows one staff member to safely transport…

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Technical and Operational Support

October 8, 2018

Anytime you are looking to buy new equipment for your workplace, several factors come into consideration.

  • The quality of the equipment
  • How well the equipment fits your exact needs
  • A cost low enough to meet your budget

These are all obviously…

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Data Center Material Handling Solutions

July 30, 2018

Roughly 600 zettabytes (600 trillion gigabytes) of new data is created each year due to factors like increasing connectivity. This equates to 200% more traffic than current data centers can handle. To keep pace with the growth of data, the industry is expected to have to build about 4,000…

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Material Handling Safety | Lifters

July 9, 2018

Safety is one of the most crucial values to instill in employees in the workplace. Getting your employees the necessary equipment to ensure their safety should be of the highest priority. The Ergo-Express® Lifter is a must-have for any workplace…

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Ergonomic Benefits of Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Carts

June 22, 2018

A recent study was done to research the benefits of ceiling lifts in relation to the amount of caregiver injuries. Two units at Sacred Heart Medical Center’s Hilyard campus were equipped with ceiling lifts. The study found that the annual cost of patient handling injuries in these units is…

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Safety and Ergonomics | Endoscopy

May 16, 2018

Just because summer is approaching and temperatures are rising does not mean you have to break a sweat. Here at PHS West, Inc. we would like to help lighten your workload. Our motorized endoscopy carts help keep the amount of effort you need to exert to a minimum and…

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Ergonomic Benefits of Implementing Power Drive

January 3, 2018

As the new year begins, we at PHS West, Inc. are reflecting on our new and improved products offered. We know and understand the benefits of adding a power drive to transportation products. A recent article published by Ergonomics Plus ( provides five proven benefits of strong workplace…

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Weather Conditions and Motorized Transport

November 1, 2017

With cold weather bearing down on a large area of the United States, ergonomic risk factors increase. The north is very familiar with ice and snow that comes along with this cold weather. Transporting bulky loads over slippery terrain exacerbates the risk. Implementing motorized transport minimizes these risks.

Transporting materials…

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The Importance of Customization

July 21, 2017

Why should customizing your cart be a top priority when searching for the best manufacturer? Do you or others in your department go home tired and sore after transporting multiple items daily over different terrains, up and down elevators and across the facility? When discussing the needs of your…

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