Solaire Medical Storage Solutions

July 27, 2016

PHS West (VetBiz Certified SDVOSB, GSA Contract V797P-4030b) is the exclusive GSA Distributor for the Solaire Medical line of products


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Solaire Medical specializes in storage solutions for all areas of your healthcare facilities, from hospitals to clinics.  They offer a cohesive system of carts, cabinets and casework that work together for improved staff and facility efficiency.

The broad offering of mobile and stationary products solves storage issues associated with the department-specific equipment and supplies, from Operating Rooms & Cardiac Cath Labs to endoscopy and emergency departments.

The exclusive FlexCell system ensures that you can match your storage needs with an appropriately configured solution.  FlexCell’s modular and flexible design ensures that you can reconfigure your Solaire products as storage needs and supplylocations change.

When planning department-specific storage of patient care supplies and medical equipment, there are many things to consider.  Solaire has taken some of the work out of that planning, offering storage products designed for the unique needs of clinical departments. A local storage consultant can meet with the department leaders and staff to design the most efficient, cost effective options for maximizing available storage space.

Cath lab: Solutions for a supply-intensive catheter lab.  The flexibility of casework and carts, especially when coupled with FlexCell interiors gives supply staff and caregivers options on how to best arrange and store supplies.

Emergency Department: Supply and equipment storage in the ED is as broad and varied as the people and ailments treated there.  Solaire’s line of storage products and flexible interior configurations address the fast-moving and unpredictable nature of emergency departments

Endoscopy Department: Vertically hung, clean, dry and ventilated cabinets and carts for endoscopy scope storage.

Radiology Department: A range of cart and casework sizes and interior configurations guarantee staff can efficiently organize and store the variety of imaging supplies found in the radiology department.  MR-safe carts and casework are appropriate for MRI areas.  General storage carts as well as crash and medication carts round out the offerings for this high-use area.

Surgery Department: High density storage provides convenient access for surgical supplies without taking up valuable space.  Efficiency and speed are critical in the OR so organizing and locating supplies for ease of access is imperative. Glass doors and labels help staff quickly identify supplies to facilitate faster prep and turnaround time.

General Supply: The high-density casework, cabinets and carts address a variety of storage needs in general supply areas.  FlexCell provides a configurable and flexible system that maximizes interior storage space.


Roam Supply Carts:

True to its name, Roam is a traveler, at home nearly anywhere it ends up.  The roam supply cart line is designed to address the specific needs of departments throughout a hospital or ambulatory clinic.  Regardless of its location, a Roam cart will always improve the organization of supplies to improve the efficiency of care delivery.

·        Six different sizes

·        Roll top or hinged doors

·        Lighting

·        Electronic locks

·        Sloped tops

·        Custom colors

·        Surface printing

·        General supply storage

·        Specialty storage

·        Lightweight aluminum composite build wont scratch or rust


Evolve Casework and Stationary Cabinets:

Evolve casework and cabinets make the work of organizing and accessing supplies logical and efficient. A flexible system that benefits your bottom line. Reconfigure interiors and relocate freestanding components to extend the life and function of Evolve casework.  Freestanding casework depreciates over 7 years versus 30 years for built-in casework.  A comprehensive line addresses procedures and departmental needs.  Evolve includes preconfigured stationary cabinets, catheter cabinets scope cabinets, stainless steel cabinets for ORs and upper and lower casework cabinets.  Configurable interiors further extend the options and functionality of your evolve products.  AireCore outperforms metal and wood composite construction.  AireCore construction is a great approach to supporting infection prevention.  It wraps an impervious material around an interior structure that is lightweight, durable and resistant to moisture, bacterial growth, chemicals and corrosion.  It offers design flexibility with choices in roll-top or hinged doors with glass or solid fronts; choices in laminate surfaces, sizes and styles.


Tempo Procedure Carts:

Tempo procedure carts are a caregiver’s perfect companion. Designed to keep pace with patient care and changing storage need, Tempo carts are lightweight and easy to maneuver, secure and adaptable to specific supply and procedure storage.  Tempo addresses a variety of functional needs for a variety of areas within a healthcare facility, from patient floors to surgery/OR and the emergency department.  It is organized and adapted to fit your needs.  Flexible drawer and accessory configurations let you target specific treatments, supplies and departments.  Slide out surface extends from either side for more work and storage space.  Agile and under your control, around corners, in tight spaces and when fully loaded.  The lightweight aluminum case improves mobility.  Steer from any side; push or pull equally well.  Locking casters keep the cart moving smoothly and staying put.  Select from five cart sizes, two cart styles, three drawer sizes, multiple configurations and a variety of drawer and rail attached accessories, and eleven drawer colors and four case colors.  They are easy to maintain and withstand 24/7 use.  Smooth surfaces ease cleaning; durable finishes withstand cleaning agents.  Coated covering on drawer fronts keep painted inserts scratch-free.


Rover Workstation:

Think of a Rover workstation as a clinical briefcase: its surface is sized for a standard keyboard, but it also provides space for your tablet or laptop.  The dual surfaces and interior storage keep essential supplies accessible and secure.  Best of all, Rover moves easily with you as you go from patient room to patient room and back to the caregiver work area.  The Rover Workstation is compact and light, adjustable and provides secure storage.  The lightweight, compact mobile workstation comes in two different sizes and has multiple drawer configurations with soft close glides.  It includes pneumatic height adjustment, durable bumper and base, 5” medical grade casters and central key lock with optional electronic lock upgrade.



Fine tune any of the aforementioned products with a wide variety of accessories

·        Scope holder

·        Tilt bins

·        Fan ventilation unit

·        IV pole

·        Suture module

·        Defibrilator shelf

·        Upper utility shelf

·        Accessory mount

·        Flip up work surface

·        Chart holder

·        Glove box holder

·        Storage basket

·        Storage bin

·        Power strip

·        Sharps container

·        Tape dispenser

·        Waste container

·        Oxygen tank holder

·        Resuscitation board

·        Cord wrap

·        Shelves in varying sizes

·        Cath Cue in varying dimensions

·        Baskets in varying sizes

·        Trays with dividers in varying sizes

·        Electronic locks

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