MECTA SPECTRUM ECT Electronic Medical Records

July 26, 2016

PHS West (VetBiz Certified SDVOSB, GSA Contract V797P-4030b) is the exclusive GSA Distributor for the spECTrum ECT device, including the new Electronic Medical Record Software by MECTA


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MECTA spECTrum is the new standard of care for Electroconvulsive Therapy.  No other ECT manufacturer provides a proven evidence based methodology as simple and effective to use as the spECTrum ULTRABRIEF.  This feature was designed and tested at Columbia in the late 90s, preliminary results were reported and it was introduced as a feature in MECTRA spECTrum ECT devices in July of 2003. spECTrum ULTRABRIEF ECT is highly efficient at the lower range, with patients demonstrating seizure thresholds at 5 mC and can treat the patient across the entire range of energy.

Pulse frequency, train duration and current are the ECT stimulus parameters that radically determine the efficiency of stimulation.  MECTA’s newest dosing parameter sets offer greater efficiencies and wider treatment ranges.  Optimized dosing parameter sets offer dosing in the most optimized pulse widths as the inefficiency of wider pulses has been firmly established. The spECTrum 5000Q®/4000Q ™ now include a fourth parameter set that allows the experienced clinician or researcher to vary pulse width, train duration, pulse frequency and current independently throughout the full range of device parameters.

MECTA’s percent seizure adequacy estimate is the only existing ECT index that was developed with actual clinical stimulus dosing and treatment response data and that has been shown to have significant relationship to outcome.

The MECTA EMR© with its elegant simplicity of use is an extraordinarily powerful software program allowing extensive organization and analysis of your ECT treatment data.  Government and hospital organizational mandates require digitization of patient medical records.  Improvement of patient safety and services, patient privacy and cost & time efficiencies are ensured with MECTA’s newest software program.

You can automatically generate reports such as an ECT session note report, ECT session report, ECT stimulus and monitoring report, and history of ECT treatments.  You can also manually report ECT evaluation, pre-course anesthesia evaluation, pre-ECT nursing report, ECT anesthesia report, and post-ECT nursing report.

The MECTA EMR automatically records up to 52 data points, six channels of physiological monitoring and allows manual inputting of 700 data points.  All physiological monitoring and data can be printed and exported to text or Excel files for further analysis.  It can network with hospital electronic health record database.  It will ensure time and cost efficiencies with easy data entry that includes new drop down menus, pop up menus and autofill features.  You can merge, import, export, query, backup and restore databases as well.


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