Ergonomic Benefits of Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Carts

June 22, 2018

A recent study was done to research the benefits of ceiling lifts in relation to the amount of caregiver injuries. Two units at Sacred Heart Medical Center’s Hilyard campus were equipped with ceiling lifts. The study found that the annual cost of patient handling injuries in these units is approximately 83% lower than before. With the research showing such a dramatic difference in safety and 11 states already adopting patient handling laws geared toward a higher usage of lifts, the number of hospitals installing ceiling lifts is on the rise. With the lifts needing examination every six months to a year, having a safe way to test the amount of weight your lift can handle is a necessity.

The Ergo-Express® Motorized Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart by PHS West, Inc. enables you to transport weights for load testing ceiling lifts in a safer and more efficient manner than ever before. With this motorized solution, just one staff member can complete the task at hand with no risk of push or pull injury. PHS West, Inc. offers several different options to ensure our carts fit any requirement your facility may have.

Motorized Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart Front View - PHS West

Multi-Selection Weight Kit

With a weight range of 200 pounds to 1,600 pounds, this application is PHS West, Inc.’s first choice when providing a suitable ceiling lift load test cart for your application. In ten-pound, selectable increments, our multi-selection weight kit allows you to adjust your load test weight as necessary both quickly and efficiently. With the option of testing different weights all on one motorized cart, you eliminate the need for multiple staff to complete one test.

Single Weight Kit

The single weight option allows one person to perform all load testing efficiently. Our simplest offering when it comes to a weight kit, it allows us to outfit our Ergo-Express® Motorized Platform Cart with a weight suited to your application.

Retrofit Weight Kit

Already have the weights necessary to perform your load testing? No problem. PHS West, Inc. offers a retrofitting option that attaches your weight kit to an Ergo-Express® Motorized Platform Cart.

No matter the option you choose to best suit your workplace, the obvious benefits remain the same. Some of these include:

Efficiency: One staff member is able to perform a task that previously took two to three employees. This immediately gives you a return on your investment.

Reduce Medial Costs: Getting rid of the push or pull force required for long distance transfer will, in turn, eliminate workman’s compensation claims stemming from overexertion.

Increased Employee Morale: Removing the physical labor of transferring the weights from your staff ensures they will not go home sore and tired.

Contact a PHS West, Inc. sales and design consultant to discuss which weight testing kit best fits the needs of your facility today!

Ceiling lifts reduce patient-handling injuries

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