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Why You Should Invest in Powered Material Handling Equipment

Ergo-Express motorized wired shelved linen cart

Material handling is necessary in countless industries. Whether it be the warehouse of a distributor, the supply room of a hospital, or the production floor of a factory. Moving bulky, and often heavy, materials within a facility is commonplace and creates risk for employees.

Mitigating these risks has been at the heart of PHS West’s mission for over two decades. While the specific requirements of the various industries we serve may differ, the principles are the same. Our products carry the load so you don’t have to.

Safety and Efficiency

Manual transportation of materials, even with the assistance of non-powered carts or dollies, presents several problems, including:

  • Risks associated with overexertion injuries from lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy materials including strain to muscles, ligaments, and bones
  • Reduced efficiency due to individual tasks requiring several team members and/or multiple trips to complete each task
  • Impacts on employee morale resulting from heavy workloads, sup-optimal transportation equipment, and overexertion injuries

The immediate benefits of implementing motorized material handling equipment include the mitigation of overexertion injuries and increased efficiency in completing tasks. This, in turn, improves employee morale and reduces both burnout and turnover.

Return on Investment

Investing in motorized material handling equipment also has several benefits from a dollars and cents standpoint. According to Injury Facts, the average cost for a medically consulted workplace injury in 2019 was $42,000. This includes, “estimates of wage losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, and employer costs.”

Implementing a motorized cart or tug effectively eliminates the potential for injuries, thereby eliminating their associated costs. In essence, the expense of a few thousand dollars today saves a company tens-of-thousands of dollars tomorrow.

The savings from efficiency gains on the level of individual team members must also be factored in. The ability for one employee to perform tasks that previously took several provides long-term returns far in excess of the up-front costs. Furthermore, reduced turnover equals reduced training costs and process delays that result from new hire onboarding.


Motorized carts and electric tuggers provide major benefits to any industry that involves material handling. They bolster workplace safety, team efficiency, and provide immediate and long-term returns.

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