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Data Center Solutions

Transform your data center with PHS West’s innovative solutions tailored for unparalleled performance and efficiency. From state-of-the-art infrastructure designs to advanced cooling systems and energy-efficient technologies, our comprehensive solutions empower your business with reliability, scalability, and sustainability.

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Configuring an Endoscopy Cart for Efficiency

PHS West is configuring endoscopy carts for pure efficiency.

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Ergo-Express motorized wired shelved linen cart

Why You Should Invest in Powered Material Handling Equipment

Material handling is necessary in countless industries. Whether it be the warehouse of a distributor, the supply room of a hospital, or the production floor of a factory. Moving bulky, and often heavy, materials within a facility is commonplace and creates risk for employees.

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The Benefits of Motorized Material Handling Equipment for Hospitals

In our last blog post we discussed the risks associated with overexertion injuries in the workplace and touched on several methods for preventing them. Motorized material handling equipment provides numerous benefits in this regard.

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