Safety and Ergonomics | Endoscopy

May 16, 2018

Just because summer is approaching and temperatures are rising does not mean you have to break a sweat. Here at PHS West, Inc. we would like to help lighten your workload. Our motorized endoscopy carts help keep the amount of effort you need to exert to a minimum and help to create a safer and more efficient workplace.

More than 20 years ago PHS West, Inc. became the innovators of the endoscopy travel cart. Our Featherweight® Endoscopy Carts are 100% customized to perfectly fit your needs, allowing us to meet your department’s exact equipment, supply, footprint and most important, budget requirements. No matter what your design needs are, our endoscopy carts are the solution.

Creating the perfect cart for your needs is as easy as telling us your preferred cart model and required equipment, accessories and storage. We will take care of the rest from there.

Model of Cart:

  • Featherweight® SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart System

Endoscopy suites and centers today, more than ever, need to be ever mindful of efficiency, space utilization, and time. The Featherweight® SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart System acutely addresses all three of these needs, giving you the smallest footprint while being the most organized option for any travel procedure. Your equipment is separated from supplies, allowing for easier access during procedures and, when needed, you can keep your supplies out of the room in isolation patient cases.


  • Featherweight® Motorized Endoscopy Cart

As a mainstay of our motorized travel carts, the Featherweight® Motorized Endoscopy Cart has everything you need and nothing you do not. A retractable drive provides flexibility to transport and position your cart with or without power.




  • Featherweight® Endoscopy Cart:

We offer cart options for scenarios when travel is not far or the supplies and equipment are minimal. The modular design of all Featherweight® Endoscopy Carts offers the flexibility to strategically position equipment and supplies for convenient access during procedures.





Cart Sizes

  • Featherweight® Double Endoscopy Cart:

Designed to fit all your equipment and supplies on one cart, allowing everything to be located where it needs to be for convenient access during a procedure for all involved staff.




  • Featherweight® Single Short Endoscopy Cart:

When the requirement is for something small, simple, and/or cost effective, our Featherweight® Single Short Endoscopy Cart fits the need.




  • Featherweight® Single Tower Endoscopy Cart

Featherweight Single Tower Endoscopy CartIf your requirement for a small footprint necessitates a single short cart but the available area for your equipment and supplies do not fit, the Featherweight® Single Tower Endoscopy Cart gives you the vertical space desired.




List of Required Equipment

  • Light Source
  • Processor
  • Cautery

Vital Accesories

  • Scope Holder
  • Outlet Strips
  • Keyboard Tray

Essential Storage

  • Locking Drawer
  • Tilt Bins
  • Drawer Dividers

The options are nearly endless, allowing us to make sure every single aspect fits what you need. Ordering an endoscopy cart that so perfectly matches your requirements will benefit your workplace in several ways, such as:

  • Reducing Cost: A recent study found that while the number of the most serious workplace injuries and illnesses fell by 1.5 percent, the corresponding medical and lost-wage payments costs increased by 2.9 percent between the 2017 and 2018 reports. The number one cause of workplace injury remains overexertion amounting to $13.7 billion or over 23 percent of all cases. These costs can be avoided, for the most part, when implementing a power drive system. Push and pull injuries are nearly dissolved, thus reducing the threat of worker’s compensation claims.
  • Increasing Productivity: By designing a work environment that allows for good posture, less exertion and fewer motions, employees become more efficient. Additionally, customizing your cart to fit your exact storage needs guarantees you will be able to easily transport everything you need in one trip.
  • Saving Space: Space utilization is essential, and our wide variety of cart sizes make sure that you can transport everything you need while also having the smallest possible footprint. This is especially true with our Featherweight® SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart System, enabling you to choose which specialized equipment carts you will attach and bring into each procedure room. This level of organization and specialization assures your cart will be taking up the minimal amount of space.

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