Preventative Maintenance and Onsite Service

June 8, 2015

Preventative Maintenance and Onsite Service for Your Ergo-Express® Carts and Tugs and PTC1 Motorized Patient Transport Chairs

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Make Sure Your Equipment is Ready When You Need It

Your equipment needs regular maintenance just like your car, and there are a number of reasons why it might be best to let PHS West, Inc. do all of the work for you:

  • Your maintenance team is swamped with other work orders
  • The repair/maintenance work is not part of onsite staff’s responsibilities
  • You want a multipoint inspection by a certified technician
  • Inspection is just around the corner and you have concerns about the condition of your equipment
  • You simply don’t want the headache of having a piece of equipment down, especially when you least expect it

Did you know?

24/7 technical and operational phone support is included for the life of your product. Simply call the number on your controls with any questions, or to have sales provide you with a repair or maintenance quote.

Onsite Service

Whether you already know what the problem is, or if you want to have one of our technicians diagnose the equipment, we’re here to help.

Preventative Maintenance

What’s included in our preventative maintenance package?

  • Replace batteries (2 each – 33/40/55/80 amp hour batteries)
  • Check all electrical systems for proper operation
  • Check all operational functions for performance to factory specifications
  • Check all casters, wheels and locks for proper operation
  • Discounted labor rate is included for any repairs/installation beyond the preventative maintenance

Help prevent undesirable delays in the operation of your cart, tug, or chair by calling to schedule service today.


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