Motorized Tugs Move Bulk Deliveries

May 21, 2015

This customer was in an old facility attached to the Delivery Docks.  They have since moved to a new facility that is 400 yards from the Docks and need a solution for transporting their delivered Linen and Materials.

Their motive was to find a safe and timely solution for their employees who were walking to the Delivery Docks and pushing the carts back 400 yards.  This process was incredibly time consuming and an all-day strain on them physically.  The terrain being traveled was an old parking lot with cracked pavement with small pebbles and rocks making the push/pull force greater.  The travel itself would take anywhere from 25-40 minutes per trip depending on what was being pushed or loaded onto a cart.  The weight was between 500 – 800LB and sometimes required 2 employees to both push and pull.  They had the idea of utilizing a Pallet Jack to transport materials, however no pallets are allowed in the facility.

We conducted a demo of our Motorized Tug.  Upon showing Directors and Management the ease and adaptability of our Tug and Hitch system, they immediately decided on how many Tugs and hitches would be needed. We proposed Motorized Tugs and Platform Carts, with Securement Rails, that will be able to be hitched to the tugs.  We created a CAD showing the size of the Platform Carts and how much product they can house.  We also provided multiple quote options to the two Departments who are going to utilize the transportation solution. The Tugs are capable of grabbing onto the existing linen carts they utilize, as well as being able to train up to 3 at a time with our coupling hitch system.  As the Materials and Linen shipments are delivered, the staff will either grab onto a linen cart with a Tug and take off or load up the Platform Carts with materials and hitch up a Tug to distribute the supplies throughout the facility in mass quantity.

The final decision was to purchase 9 Motorized Tugs and 4 Platform Carts with Securement Rails.  We provided a design of the Platform Carts with Securement Rails and the capabilities of multiple Platform Carts to be tugged at once.  The Tug design is for 1 – 3 Linen carts to be transported in a single trip.  By adding this solution, the Hospital’s efficiency has increased drastically.  To date, there are no reports of Push/Pull injuries related to the transportation and distribution of Linen and Materials.

An initial investment in operational efficiency and employee safety can yield your department significant cost savings over the life of the product.

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