Motorized Endoscopy Carts: Upgrade to Power Drive

November 17, 2015

Motorized Endoscopy Carts: Optional Power Drive Upgrade

All Featherweight models of endoscopy carts have the option for a power drive upgrade. The inception of PHS West was with Motorized Endoscopy Carts.  Shortly thereafter the entire Featherweight Endoscopy Cart line for procedure room in addition to the travel, motorized endoscopy carts

.SPECS Motorized Endoscopy Carts featherweight double motorized endoscopy carts


Increase efficiency

When you make the upgrade to a motorized endoscopy cart your staff no longer have to make multiple trips for an emergency procedure.  With the Featherweight Motorized Endoscopy Carts, all of your equipment and supplies are stored safely and securely on one motorized endoscopy cart. One staff member with just the touch of a finger can efficiently transport your travel cart.

Eliminate push/pull injury risk

Upgrading to a Motorized Endoscopy Cart eliminates the risk of injury from pushing your travel cart from the department to the patient’s room for the emergency procedure.  When you add a power drive the staff can now safely transport hundreds of pounds of equipment and supplies in one trip.  Pushing our pulling hundreds of pounds of equipment and supplies for an emergency procedure is sure to cause injury risk to the staff, why not upgrade to a motorized endoscopy cart and eliminate the worry?

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