Motorized Carts and Tugs with Self-Diagnostic & Programmable Controls

November 17, 2015

Motorized Carts and Tugs with Self-Diagnostic Drive Controls – What’s that?

Every PHS West Motorized Cart comes with self-diagnostic drive controls.

Motorized Carts and tugs Controller

When the Ergo-Express Motorized carts and tugs start up the drive system runs an internal diagnostic test to ensure the entire system is running properly. When something does go wrong within the product’s electronics the controls recognizes this and alerts the user with a code of flashing lights on the cart.  This is an indication to call the 24/7 technical and operational support hotline. This toll free number is located on the controls so it is where you need it to be when you need it.  A technician will troubleshoot with you to deduce the error and assist in the fix.

Motorized Carts and Tugs – What does it mean to have programmable controls?

All Ergo-Express Products come with factory settings to control speed, acceleration, deceleration and stopping distance.  This means if your process requires settings on the controls different from the factory settings, you have the option to change them.  It is always best to review your desired change with your sales and design consultant to review all the reasons behind the factory settings to ensure the change desired is the best decision overall.  Details of how the controls can be re-programmed can be reviewed at that time.

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