Material Handling Safety | Lifters

July 9, 2018

Safety is one of the most crucial values to instill in employees in the workplace. Getting your employees the necessary equipment to ensure their safety should be of the highest priority. The Ergo-Express® Lifter is a must-have for any workplace that requires the lifting, moving, handling, or manipulation of heavy equipment.

PHS West, Inc.’s lifters are a line of material handling equipment that offer huge advantages over stationary or manual systems. The lifters ease of use and unsurpassed load handling make them superior to alternative options such as lift carts, mobile lifting trolleys, hand-cranked carts, pump carts, etc. Increase your productivity and eliminate costs associated with moving fixed or automated equipment. The lifters can be implemented without expensive setup and training for immediate reduction of injury risks and related cost.

One area that the Ergo-Express® Lifter that could specifically benefit is data centers. The heavy equipment associated with server racks can be a major risk to employees if handled manually. In a poll of data center workers, 86% reported they manually lift hardware above the OSHA recommendation of 50 pounds. Correspondingly, 52% said they have suffered an injury while working while 65% say they are aware of damage to equipment in their data center from being dropped. The Ergo-Express® Lifter virtually eliminates both problems ensuring employee safety and eliminating the cost of both workman’s compensation claims and broken equipment.

The Ergo-Express® Lifter offers unparalleled benefits in comparison to alternative options. Some of these include:

  • Lightweight and mobile for easy operation in narrow spaces
  • Easy movement with a full load in all directions
  • Foot operated, central brake on rear wheels; accessible from all sides
  • Precise stop of the lift function with use of the slow speed feature
  • The single column mast provides the operator a clear view for safe operation
  • Enclosed lift screw; no pinch points
  • Adjustable handlebar allows each individual to obtain a preferred work position; ergonomically correct

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