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Improving Quality in Healthcare with PHS West

Ergo-Express dialysis cart with Fresenius hitch kit - front

The third week of October is National Healthcare Quality Week. With that in mind we are going to cover some of the challenges we know healthcare organizations face in delivering quality healthcare. We will then discuss how PHS West is able to address those challenges and improve outcomes for both patients and staff in healthcare settings.

So, What Are Some Challenges?

In a recent article by Wolters Kluwer, “personnel shortages and burnout” are identified as a major challenge for healthcare quality. This is no secret. Nurses are in short supply and healthcare teams are stretched thin. This reality is only exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic and an aging work force. Staffing shortages and retention concerns are frequent talking point with the people we serve.

 Another challenge worth noting is “performance and process improvement”, one of the NAHQ’s eight components of their Healthcare Quality Competency Framework. A key to quality improvement in any process is eliminating waste. In this instance, we define waste as anything that interferes with the efficiency and quality of services being provided to patients. It is also important to note that the aim is not necessarily to get tasks done faster, but to do those tasks smarter.

How Can PHS West Help?

Being short-staffed means heavier workloads are being placed on available team members.  If you work in a department that moves materials around your facility this is a problem.

This is where PHS West can give your team a much-needed edge. The right motorized material handling system can allow a single team member to move hundreds of pounds of supplies and equipment with zero effort. We offer a variety of material handling systems for a range of healthcare applications including:

  • Laundry and Linen
  • Supply Distribution
  • Waste Disposal
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Patient Transportation
  • Endoscopy Procedures
  • Bedside Dialysis
  • Ceiling Lift Load Testing

These systems dramatically reduce inefficiency, the aforementioned “waste” that we attempt to eliminate with process improvement. While a dialysis cart does not serve the same function as a linen cart, both products improve quality by reducing the time and personnel needed to transport what you need where you need it. This is true of all our products.

Many of our healthcare systems also help your team stay organized. Endoscopy carts can be configured to the specific procedures your department performs meaning your equipment is always right where it should be. Similarly, our supply carts can be fitted with shelving and storage options to accommodate and arrange various materials.

By reducing these inefficiencies staff can achieve more even in the face of heavy patient loads. Less time on task means patients can receive what they need faster, whether that be a hot meal or a bedside procedure.

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