Featherweight® SPECS™ Travel Cart System – The Best of All Worlds

June 8, 2015

A prospective customer called PHS West with interest in exploring new options for an endoscopy cart.  The number one concern was overall size due to constraints in the patient’s rooms.  The customer currently had a powered endoscopy cart from a different manufacturer that was not working well for the staff due to the size of the existing cart.  Through our conversation a rep visit was requested.  The local rep (Steve) arrived at the facility with a motorized platform cart to demonstrate the operations and evaluate the size constraints.  After Steve visited the customer he called in to speak with the inside sales representative (Molly) Discussion between Steven and Molly after the visit concluded the Featherweight® SPECS™ design was most appropriate. The Featherweight® SPECS™ design allowed for the customer to have two separate carts that hitched together for transport, and disconnect from each other at the patients room. With a powered cart to house all of the equipment along with the detachable trailer cart that holds all of the supplies the customer was able to have two small foot prints in the cramped patient’s rooms that also accommodated all their equipment and supply storage needs.

Immediately following the delivery of the cart Steve arrived to the facility to review the operations of the cart with the staff members and ensure everyone was comfortable.  Additionally Steve kept in close contact in the following days to ensure all questions were answered.  Immediately after using the cart the staff fell in love with the Featherweight® SPECS™ design and continue to maintain high level satisfaction with their new design.

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