Endoscopy Travel Carts

November 19, 2015

Endoscopy Travel Carts

PHS West, Inc has been creating endoscopy travel carts for over two decades.  Through the years we have gained an understanding of how your travel cart needs to be built.  The one thing we have come to learn is that how your cart needs to be built is not like everyone else’s.  Knowing your need for the most compact design possible yet able to accommodate all of the necessary equipment and supplies, we have created the fully custom Featherweight® Endoscopy Travel Carts.

Motorized Featherweight® SPECS™ Endoscopy Travel Carts

SPECS Travel Endoscopy Carts

in 2015 PHS West, Inc. introduced the Featherweight® SPECS™ (Specific Procedure Endoscopy Cart System) Endoscopy Travel Carts.  Yet another example of PHS West listening to our customers, the SPECS design was created to accommodate two of the most common requests; a compact design, and a lot of storage space.  With the SPECS endoscopy travel cart system all of the equipment that is needed for any travel procedure is housed on the Motorized Featherweight® Single Short.  When your department receives the call for an emergency procedure, you will connect the appropriate Featherweight® Single Short supply cart, connect it to the powered equipment cart and off you go.  Each of the Featherweight® Single Short supply carts will only house the specific supplies needed for that specific procedure.

Motorized Featherweight® Double Endoscopy Cart

featherweight double motorized endoscopy travel carts

the Featherweight® Double Motorized Endoscopy Travel Carts are what you think of when you think of “typical” endoscopy travel carts.  Except ours are anything but typical.  This has been the PHS West mainstay of our power drive travel cart for decades.  As no two endoscopy departments are the same, the Featherweight® Double Endoscopy Travel Carts, like all other PHS West, Inc. products, are designed by you to ensure everything you need for your travel procedure is where it needs to be on the cart for proper work flow during the procedures.


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