Endoscopy Procedure Room Carts

November 19, 2015

Endoscopy Procedure Room Carts

PHS West, Inc. has created the perfect solution to fulfill your need for endoscopy procedure room carts. No matter your need, we can make the perfect procedure cart for you with either our Featherweight® Double, Single Short or Single Tower procedure cart.

Featherweight® Single Short Endoscopy Cart

Featherweight Single Short Endoscopy procedure room Carts

If your need is for something small and compact for your procedure room, look no further than our Featherweight® Single Short endoscopy procedure room carts. This cart can be built to fit whatever configuration you see fit, while keeping the size compact for your procedure room.

Featherweight® Single Tower Endoscopy Cart

Featherweight Single Tower Endoscopy Procedure Room Carts

The Featherweight® Single Tower is an excellent choice for departments that have several pieces of equipment or require a lot of supply storage but still need a small footprint. The Tower expands upwards instead of out, adding storage space, while keeping the footprint in the room small.

Featherweight® Double Endoscopy Cart

Featherweight Double Endoscopy Procedure Room Carts

The Featherweight® Double Endoscopy Procedure Carts are what you think of when you imagine the standard endoscopy cart. This design allows for all of your equipment and supplies to be stored on one cart. The customization we offer allows for all of the equipment and supplies to be just where you need them for easy access during procedures.

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