Acute Bedside Dialysis Equipment Transport Made Easy

June 27, 2015

Whether injuries are major or minor, they have a severe effect on the department. Morale goes down; no one wants to transport the equipment for acute cases, for fear of being injured, or from previously being injured. Dialysis machines tip over because of the small wheels; they are hard to move on ramps, over elevator and door thresholds, let alone the weight of the unit itself. Overall, transporting all of your equipment for an acute case is cumbersome, difficult, and a potential injury risk.

Has your department experienced injuries during acute bedside procedure equipment transport?

How do you convince your hospital to help you out? Often we hear that the hospitals are not aware of injury risk, are ambivalent about the risks, or they don’t want to pay for a motorized cart because they don’t understand the concept or return on investment. Safety, Safe Patient Handling, and Employee Health & Safety staff are all there to help you justify the purchase of a motorized cart. Motorization is truly the only logical option.

As is indicated in our cursory level risk assessment, when equipment is too heavy for one person to transport alone, and an administrative control is implemented, one must either take multiple trips with smaller loads, or add staff members to assist with the transport. Both of these administrative control solutions will increase the transport costs dramatically.

This being the case, implementing the PHS West Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis cart will increase efficiency three-fold. The motorized cart will allow any staff person to safely and efficiently transport all equipment and supplies for acute cases. Standard R.O.I. is seen within 18-24 months.

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You don’t always get what you want but, if you don’t ask, you never will. So, allow PHS West to help you build a case to purchase the Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Carts. We can perform a cursory level risk assessment, cost analysis, and onsite product demonstration to help administration justify the project expenditure and return on investment.

Bring this information to your safety people and management. PHS West can help define how the purchase of an Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Cart will save your facility money with increased efficiency.

Call one of our sales and design consultants TODAY and they will guide you through the concept, provide a quote, and answer any additional questions you may have

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