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Data Center Material Handling Solutions

Roughly 600 zettabytes (600 trillion gigabytes) of new data is created each year due to factors like increasing connectivity. This equates to 200% more traffic than current data centers can handle. To keep pace with the growth of data, the industry is expected to have to build about 4,000 new facilities by the year 2020.

The rapid data center industry growth that we are currently in the midst of makes for a tremendous business opportunity that may also bring several challenges. With the influx of heavy equipment that the average data center employee is expected to handle and the likelihood they may not have enough manpower to take care of it, it is crucial to find ways to improve the efficiency of data centers now more than ever. One surefire method to improve your data center’s efficiency is upgrading your material handling equipment.

Look no further than PHS West, Inc. to provide this solution. With a line of data center material handling products, we offer exactly what you need to improve not only your efficiency, but your employee safety as well. One product in this category is the Ergo-Express® 4000SXHD Motorized Server Rack Tug. The Ergo-Express® 4000SXHD Motorized Server Rack Tug will increase the output of your data center while not increasing staff. Transport a one ton data “rack and roll” server rack with just one employee without push or pull injuries.

Benefits of utilizing the Ergo-Express® 4000SXHD Motorized Server Rack Tug:

Immediate return on investment with one staff member completing a task that previously required two to three employees

Zero push or pull force required for long distance transfer; eliminating workman’s compensation claims

Your staff will not go home tired and sore; increasing employee morale

Short turn radius and unmatched maneuverability

Eight-hour drive time on a single charge

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