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Customer Feedback on our Ergo-Express® Lifter

In each of our products, our goal is to always increase the safety and efficiency of every workplace. Allowing even the heaviest of loads to be lifted, moved, and manipulated with ease, the Ergo-Express® Lifter is no exception. Our territory sales manager, Jason Pugh, answered a few questions regarding customer feedback on the Ergo-Express® Lifter.

What are the most common reasons or issues you have heard from customers that led them to researching or purchasing the Ergo-Express® Lifter?

Manually lifting heavy loads is an injury risk. Using a motorized lifter eliminates risk of injury while increasing efficiency.

Lifting even the lightest of loads multiple times daily presents the risk of a repetitive stress injury.

Having to lift and manipulate a load (turning, dumping, rotating) can be very taxing. Using a motorized lifter to manipulate the load eliminates the injury risk, and allows any one staff member to perform the task.

When following up, how effective was the Ergo-Express® Lifter in solving these issues?

Completely! Across all applications, we’ve never had someone that did not love the lifter. In thinking about it, it makes sense; you have a motorized product designed specifically to handle that task and eliminate the risk of an injury.

Any additional feedback?

A couple of the features customers love include the interchangeable tooling and quick disconnect battery packs. The tooling allows for applications with similar needs to be handled by one lifter, thus solving the problem of lifting different shaped items in the same work area. The quick disconnect battery is a very handy item for users that are running two or three shifts and doing multiple lift actions in each shift. Using the quick disconnect battery allows them to have the lifter ready for use at any given time, as opposed to waiting for the battery to charge.

With the constantly growing emphasis on workplace safety, the lifter is a piece of equipment many customers have come to find as mandatory for them to properly and safely perform their job.

We are beyond pleased that the Ergo-Express® Lifter has exceeded the expectations of our customers. Hearing first hand that our product has a direct impact in creating a safer, more productive workplace for our customers reaffirms what an exceptional solution the lifter is for any material handling application.