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Ergo-Express motorized linen cart

Why You Should Invest in Powered Material Handling Equipment

Material handling is necessary in countless industries. Whether it be the warehouse of a distributor, the supply room of a hospital, or the production floor of a factory. Moving bulky, and often heavy, materials within a facility is commonplace and creates risk for employees.

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The Benefits of Motorized Material Handling Equipment for Hospitals

In our last blog post we discussed the risks associated with overexertion injuries in the workplace and touched on several methods for preventing them. Motorized material handling equipment provides numerous benefits in this regard.

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Mitigating Overexertion Injuries in the Workplace

Workplace safety varies from industry to industry. The precautions taken for a construction worker are not the same as those taken for a receptionist. That said, the broad category of risks faced by both blue- and white-collar workers share certain similarities.

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PHS West Custom Linen Carts

PHS West manufactures custom laundry carts to meet your specific linen needs. We provide lightweight, custom alum …

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Customer Feedback on our Ergo-Express® Lifter

Our territory sales manager, Jason Pugh, answered a few questions regarding customer feedback on the Ergo-Express® Lifter.

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Customer Feedback on our Featherweight® SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart

Our Inside Sales Manager answered a few questions regarding customer feedback on the Featherweight® SPECS™ Motorized Endoscopy Cart.

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