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Ergo-Express® Motorized Tug FAQ

Got a question about your Ergo-Express® Motorized Tug? We asked our customer support team what your frequently asked questions are. Here are the answers.

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Motorized Server Rack Tug and Server Rack Ramp

Redefining Data Center Operations with Motorized Transportation Solutions

As the Internet of Things continues to spread and cloud storage becomes increasingly vital, data centers today are having to scale at a frantic pace. Facilities with footprints measuring in the millions of square feet are a reality. Countless servers run day and night to ensure a continuous flow of data. This infrastructure keeps our virtual meetings going, our online orders accurate, and our medical records secure.

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PHS West Recognized Locally and Nationally in 2021

Our company has been truly humbled this year. In April, we received a Gold Stevie® Award by the American Business Awards®. The following month, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal announced that we were an honoree of the 2021 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards. A month later, MSPBJ again recognized PHS West as one of the Best Places to Work in Minnesota.

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Ergo-Express motorized linen cart

Why You Should Invest in Powered Material Handling Equipment

Material handling is necessary in countless industries. Whether it be the warehouse of a distributor, the supply room of a hospital, or the production floor of a factory. Moving bulky, and often heavy, materials within a facility is commonplace and creates risk for employees.

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The Benefits of Motorized Material Handling Equipment for Hospitals

In our last blog post we discussed the risks associated with overexertion injuries in the workplace and touched on several methods for preventing them. Motorized material handling equipment provides numerous benefits in this regard.

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Mitigating Overexertion Injuries in the Workplace

Workplace safety varies from industry to industry. The precautions taken for a construction worker are not the same as those taken for a receptionist. That said, the broad category of risks faced by both blue- and white-collar workers share certain similarities.

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