Our Mission

PHS West, Inc. is a relationship-focused organization providing innovative products and services for a safe and efficient workplace.

Why PHS West, Inc.?

Our people are hardworking, fun, caring and have a goal-oriented nature allowing all employees to do our very best every day. Products developed by PHS West, inc. are designed specifically with the customer in mind. Taking a holistic customer focus and approach, our team references the whole customer process from beginning to end, not just a sale.



Our understanding of certifications required by hospitals today and the personal touch expected by patients allow us to exceed you and your facility’s expectations.

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Material Handling

Cumbersome material handling becomes a practice of the past after implementing a customized transport solution through PHS West, Inc. Our team knows the ins and outs of material handling and will provide your organization with the best possible answer for all of your needs.

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Data Center

To efficiently manage modern data centers, one must be nimble and able to adapt to tackle any issue. Unlike pallet jacks, forklifts or manual transport solutions, we provide increased efficiency and reduced injury risk through our motorized transport solutions.

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Motorized Cart

Motorized Carts

Allow any one staff member to safely transport materials, equipment or supplies. A wide variety of customization options are available to best fit your storage and capacity needs.

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Motorized Tug

Motorized Tugs

Safely and efficiently transport materials, equipment and supplies already on a wheeled base. Allow any one staff member to complete a task that previously took multiple people or trips. Various models and hitching options are available to best fit your towing needs.

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Virtual Demonstrations

Schedule a virtual demonstration to visit with us via webcam while we display any of our various products in our demonstration area. You will be able to ask questions, discuss projects and talk with our sales representatives to gain a better perspective while safely behind your screen.


AGM Batteries | A Brief History

Electricity is perhaps one of the most influential scientific discoveries of the last 400 years. The citizens of developed countries rely on readily available electricity to perform a wide range of daily tasks. Without it, many modern conveniences would be impossible. It lights our homes, provides reliable refrigeration, keeps our air conditioners running, and lets us post pictures of our cats on social media through our smart phones.

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At PHS West, Inc., we are committed to providing you the highest of quality in our products and services. Along with our 24/7 Tech Support line, we also offer battery replacement and Preventative Maintenance services to keep your carts, tugs and powered wheelchairs working hard for you and your staff.

Trevor Roton, Customer Support Lead