Custom Solutions for Supply, Equipment Transport & Storage

Custom carts and cart mover products offer literally thousands of potential custom configurations. This virtually guarantees the opportunity to create the perfect fit for any facility’s specific and unique application.

  • Improve your ergonomic footprint
  • Boost employee morale and productivity
  • Safely transport people and materials across various surfaces and inclines
  • Reduce employee injuries from strain and fatigue

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Ergo-Express Motorized Platform Cart

Ergo-Express Motorized Platform Cart

The motorized platform cat is ideal for transporting any item on which you wish to dedicate a power drive solution. Adding power drive to your transport will reduce the risk of injury & increase efficiency.

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Add a Power Drive to Linen & Supply Cart Transport

Add a Power Drive to Linen & Supply Cart Transport

It has been proven that manual transport of heavy equipment and supplies equals a workers compensation nightmare. The immediate impact of a workplace injury can cost a hospital nearly $20,000, not including healthcare needs, legal fees and OSHA repercussions. Not to mention low employee morale.

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