Customer Feedback on our Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart

Here at PHS West, Inc. we pride ourselves in making your workplace safer and more efficient by finding innovative solutions to your material handling issues. Our Ergo-Express® Motorized Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart allows one staff member to safely transport weights used for load testing ceiling lifts and tracks- a task that usually requires two or three people. Our Inside Sales Manager answered a few questions regarding customer feedback on the Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart.

What issues lead customers to purchase our Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart?

A few of the most common problems for our customers performing ceiling lift load testing are:

Moving the weight set manually is causing push/pull injuries to their employees/coworkers

Manually handling weight blocks to achieve correct weight needed for testing is causing lifting/transferring related injuries

The small window of availability to access patient rooms is inefficient for transporting and handling the weights

Having to wait for a contracted company to perform the tests of their ceiling lifts, then needing to re-schedule to complete the testing, since they can’t control accessibility to every patient room

When following up with customers, how well has the Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart solved these issues?

Our Inside Sales Manager immediately responded, “100%, it has eliminated all push/pull injury risk associated with moving weights for testing ceiling lifts.”

Since any one staff member can safely use this product, it gives the freedom of testing ceiling lifts on their schedule and not having to wait for a contracted company to complete the task.

Additional reasons why customers are looking into our Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart:

Several different options to accommodate any budget

The Multi-Selection Weight Kit provides the ability to expand when weight requirements change

We strive to help you eliminate the risk of injury while improving productivity; we couldn’t be happier to hear, first hand, that the Ergo-Express® Ceiling Lift Load Test Cart has not only met but exceeded our customers’ expectations.