Weather Conditions and Motorized Transport

November 1, 2017

With cold weather bearing down on a large area of the United States, ergonomic risk factors increase. The north is very familiar with ice and snow that comes along with this cold weather. Transporting bulky loads over slippery terrain exacerbates the risk. Implementing motorized transport minimizes these risks.

Transporting materials over slick terrain can force the driver to strain when trying to stop the motion or the load may shift during transit making injury more likely. This strain can put the body in an awkward position and tear muscles causing extreme damage to the employee’s body while on the job site. In less desirable cases, an employee must carry materials. Doing so on poor ground (slick/slippery) can also cause extreme injury. When pushing or pulling equipment, one may encounter bumps or obstructions, using forceful exertions can cause damage as well.

Implementing motorized transport immediately eliminates ergonomic risk to the employee by removing the push or pull injury hazard. PHS West, Inc. can add a motorized solution to any cart currently in operation. Is your trash collection cart doing the trick, but adding the motorized option would increase employee productivity and morale?  We have the answer. Is transporting barrels cumbersome and inefficient? Add the Ergo-Express® power drive system! Need to transport dirty linen from one building to another while crossing different terrains? The Ergo-Express® power drive system is the answer! No matter the material or equipment being transported, PHS West, Inc. can come up with an answer to better the process.

We know winter can bring new obstacles to an otherwise smooth-running operation. Don’t let those obstacles disrupt productivity. Reduce the chance of an employee injury and inquiring workman’s compensation claims. PHS West, Inc. has a solution for you; the Ergo-Express® power drive system. Employee morale and productivity is a valuable asset to any organization; do not take them for granted.

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