Travel Endo Carts with Glove Box Holders take supplies out from inside the cart and put them on the outside of the cart

November 18, 2015

Travel Endo Carts with Glove Box Holders; why do I need this?

Glove box holders are likely only added to travel endo carts, since gloves are located in the procedure rooms in the department.  When it comes to travel endoscopy carts storage is at a premium and whenever something can be taken out from inside the cart and placed on the outside, this frees up space for more supplies to be stored in the cart.  Our endoscopy carts can have a single glove box holder added, or a three-glove box holder added for small medium and large gloves.  If your staff like to bring their own gloves to procedures, this is a great tool to free up some space and better organize your travel endo carts.

travel endo carts glove box holders

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