Transporting Dialysis Equipment

July 21, 2015

Imagine if injury during dialysis equipment transport wasn’t an issue…

Repetitive stress injuries are common place for nurses that transport dialysis equipment to patient bedsides. Staff isn’t getting any younger, nor is the equipment getting any lighter; new AAMI standards for empty bed contact time have only made this more of an issue. The Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Carts can eliminate virtually all injury potential relative to manual push/pull transport.

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Staff injury is an issue, isn’t it? But you don;t have a budget for this new concept, right? Contact your Safety department to review, or contact PHS West for a cursory-level risk assessment. Your employee health and safety department is in place to help you justify this type of purchase. Additionally, PHS West can help lay the road map.

A few of the MANY BENEFITS of the Ergo-Express Dialysis Carts include:

  • Ergo-Express Drive System virtually eliminates negative push-pull forces during transport so any staff member can now transport equipment safely
  • Acute bedside equipment transport efficiency is greatly improved; one trip, one happy employee
  • Staff focus is back on patient care (not transporting heavy equipment)

Call one of our sales and design consultants TODAY and they will guide you through the concept, provide a quote, and answer any additional questions you may have

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