Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference

May 27, 2016

An Ergo-Express Motorized Cart Customized for a Casino

PHS West was approached by a customer to build a customized Ergo-Express Motorized cart for chip and coin counting at a casino.  When initial contact was made, the design process began and a few revisions were made to the cart before a final design was agreed upon.

Knowing the specifications, the customer was looking for with the cart, engineering and production, behind the scenes at PHS West began meticulously mapping out how everything will be organized with the raw materials.  Down to the paint color, the customer had very specific needs and desires about how the cart appeared and functioned to ensure proper esthetics, and especially addressed all security concerns.  Production hit a few road bumps but filed everything down to the finest detail with all of the drawers, locks and doors.

Once the cart was completed we stepped back, took a look at our work and patted ourselves on the back.  The level of security accommodated, the ruggedness of the cart, and the aesthetic of the cart were all exactly as the customer had desired.  We packaged the cart up and shipped it off to the customer in hopes they would be as satisfied with the final product as we were.  The collective hard work of the customer, sales, engineering and production.

Ergo-Express Motorized Carts Ergo-Express Motorized Carts






After the cart arrived to the customer the following note was sent to the inside sales representative “The cart looks great and is well built.  Only good comments.  My clients are impressed.  Thanks again, All the best.”  A simple statement that speaks volumes.  From top to bottom, everyone involved in the process stepped up and created a cart that was more than what the customer was expecting.  Providing service and going above our customer’s expectations is literally written on the walls of PHS West.


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