Prevent injury risk with PHS West, Inc. at AOHP

November 16, 2015

What is AOHP?

Association of Occupational Health Professionals

The members of AOHP are dedicated to the health and well-being of healthcare professional’s nationwide.  Their goal is to address the needs of health professionals in healthcare settings. They advocate for policies that help address occupational hazards in the workplace and assist in implementing new technologies to prevent injury risk.

Injury Prevention in Healthcare


Prevent injury risk with PHS West

PHS West, Inc. has been attending the national AOHP conference for many years.  Each year attendees continue to come back to our booth year after year to see what new ways we can help their hospitals stay safe.  PHS West specializes in ergonomic power drive solutions for healthcare professionals. Our Ergo-Express line of power drive products can help prevent injury in virtually any setting in the health care environment.  With our Ergo-Express powered platform cart, Ergo-Express powered tug, and our Ergo-Express powered patient transport chair, PHS West covers a wide variety of needs to help hospitals prevent injury risk.

PHS West prevent injury risk with AOHP

How was the show this year?

Year after year PHS West gains momentum among the attendees as a front runner for on the job employee safety among AOHP attendees.  Current customers come back to our booth to thank us for working with them and helping to eliminate injury risks.  All the while potential customers hear testimonials from their colleagues surrounding the booth about our products and how they have helped prevent injury at their facilities. They also learn from our sales associates how we can help match one of our products to their unique need.  From a basic electric flatbed for moving supplies, to a uniquely built hitch system on our tug for moving large nitrogen tanks, or a powered patient transport chair to help move patients long distances, PHS West has been and will continue to help AOHP attendees solve unique injury risk problems throughout their hospitals.

PHS West prevent injury risk with AOHP


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