Powered Tuggers Rear Mounted Drive

November 23, 2015

Powered Tuggers Rear Mounted Drive

All Ergo-Express Powered Tuggers have a rear mounted drive.  This feature allows or each of our powered tuggers to have exceptional maneuverability, coupled with the self-ballasted frame.  The rear mounted drive creates a more perfect pivot and turning point to properly tug your product. Additionally the rear mounted drive allows for free towing, no directional restrictions, up or down ramps.  Ramps can be a point of contention for a lot of aspects of a tug.  With PHS West we understand that ramps are common place and in fact are a main point of issue for safety concerns and desire for implementation of a tug.  The rear mounted drive in conjunction with the goose-neck style pivot hitch are all aspects of the PHS West, Ergo-Express tugs that indicate, PHS West knows how to build you your perfect tug.

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