Power Drive Solving Safety Concerns Hospital Wide

November 5, 2015

Investing in Injury Prevention

Investing in injury prevention with the PHS West Ergo-Express Power Drive System can save your staff from injury and boost employee morale.  The number one morale killer among employees is repetitive injury risk, the more employees are consistently getting injured doing the same task, the more the morale will wain.

Healthcare industry is top for injury concern

Healthcare industry employees are consistently the most at-risk professionals for workplace related injuries. Daily tasks of maneuvering heavy equipment, supplies and patients regularly create the risk of push/pull injuries to healthcare workers.

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Invest today in an Ergo-Express Power Drive System, save employee morale and save on residual costs associated with employee injury.  One employee injury will have an immediate effect on a department financially of tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the residual costs associated with surgery, rehab and OSHA.  One PHS West, Ergo-Express Power Drive Solution is a fraction of that cost.

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