PHS West is Growing and Expanding to Better Serve You

February 15, 2016

PHS West Rockford Building


PHS West is Growing and Expanding to Better Serve You

After over two decades, PHS West has moved! Expanding our horizons means allowing our production to be more efficient, our research and development to progress and our sales initiatives to excel for our customers.


We at PHS West are all very excited for what the new building means for our company and how it will allow for us to better serve our staff, our community and certainly our customers.  The new production layout, inventory organization and production assembly line will increase our overall efficiencies, getting your carts to you faster.  We at PHS West have always and will always pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality products on the market.  Moving to our new facility will allow for us to continue with that direction while now being more efficient with production.

With production moving at a smooth pace and our time able to be focused elsewhere, research and development can continue to move forward. Our engineers are now able to focus their energies on advancing the product line.  PHS West began at the forefront of the power drive market and aims to remain there.  As technologies advance, PHS West desires to integrate those technological advances in our products.  Likewise, as we listen to our customers’ needs we adjust and create new accessories as well as make adjustments to our products. Be on the lookout for new and advanced technologies as well as improved accessories.


First cart in new buildin


With the new layout of our building and all that it has to offer us, our sales team is excited to better serve the customers.  Advanced training for all representatives in our dedicated training area, and a more communal sales team area for the in house representatives will allow for a superior customer service experience. When training our field representatives, it always works best for them to travel to our location, see production, get hands on training and work directly with the sales management team to learn all about our company and equipment.  With our new dedicated training room our representatives will be perfectly prepared to go into the field and do the best work possible for our customers. For the in house sales representatives, teamwork is imperative to the success of our company.  Our inside sales representatives deal with unique scenarios and custom applications on a daily basis and utilizing the ideas from co-workers is imperative to a highly functioning team.  The new layout for the sales department has created an open cohesive atmosphere in which teamwork and brainstorming can happen.

The culmination of everything that is positive from the building move PHS West is exhilarating for the team.  We all look forward to being able to assist our customers better and faster. Keep in touch with us as we continue to advance our product line to better serve our customers.

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