PHS West, Inc. Offers a Safer Way to Move

January 16, 2017

Featherweight® SPECS™ Endoscopy Travel Cart System

When PHS West, Inc. says we create a safer way to move, we mean it. Our Featherweight® SPECS™ Endoscopy Travel Cart System proves just that. No longer will you need to pile all your supplies on to one cart for any specific procedure travel case. With the Featherweight® SPECS™ Travel Endoscopy Cart System you just hitch up the SPECS™ trailer cart to the SPECS™ motorized equipment cart and go!

Many work-related tasks in the endoscopy departments require high force loads on the human body when talking about transporting materials many times over the course of a work day. Muscle effort increases in response and increases associated fatigue which could lead to musculoskeletal disorder.

IMG_6377Continuous endoscopy procedures require multiple trips to patients’ bedsides. Repetitive work, when combined with high force loads and other work processes, sometimes results in awkward postures and can also lead to musculoskeletal disorder.

The continuing increased demand for timely distribution and lowering operational costs has created both logistic and ergonomic transport issues. Yet, costs will continue to rise with workman’s compensation claims or the necessary addition of more paid staff to complete the multiple trips per day required to complete the essential tasks in the endoscopy department. PHS West, Inc. takes issues seriously and has designed the SPECS™ Travel Endoscopy Cart System to fix them. Injuries in the endoscopy department have no reason to exist anymore.

The addition of a Featherweight® SPECS™ Travel Endoscopy Cart System will solve any ergonomic issue in your endoscopy department immediately. All employees should be of highest value in any workplace. Implementing the endoscopy travel cart system to your workplace will prove this. With virtually endless customization options, PHS West, Inc. is your partner in developing a safer way to move.

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