Patient Transport with PHS West at NAHTM

November 16, 2015

What is NAHTM?

National Association of Healthcare Transport Management

NAHTM was created to assist in the development and education of hospital patient transport managers and staff.  They strive to improve the practice within patient transport departments.  NAHTM seek the highest standards to be practiced.  Also procuring resources necessary to achieve those high standards within patient transport departments.

Patient Transport with PHS West

Patient transport and PHS West

PHS West has been attending the NAHTM national assembly since its inception.  With the Ergo-Express Motorized Patient Transport Chair, model PTC1, PHS West fits the niche of NAHTM and exactly what their mission statement and members seek for their departments. The PTC1, electric patient transport chair is a dedicated power drive wheel chair designed to take the risk of injury out of the patient transport department.  Whether moving a patient of size or moving patient’s long distances around the hospital, repetitive muscle strain in patient transport can be a large contributor to staff turnover in patient transport departments.  By eliminating this injury risk, the implementation of the Ergo-Express PTC1 can improve employee and patient satisfaction.

How was the show this year?

Year after year the PHS West, Inc. PTC1 continues to be hailed as an innovative, and forward thinking product, described as a “Must have” by many attendees.  When evaluating injury potential in a patient transport department there is only one thing that comes to a manager’s mind, which is actually moving the patients around the facility.  If that single injury risk can be eliminated with the PTC1 the members of NAHTM know their staff will be profoundly happier, and their hospital will decrease their injury risk.

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