Acute Dialysis Equipment Transport: The Injury Risk is Real

May 6, 2016

Acute Dialysis Equipment Transport:

The Injury Risk is Real

With an aging workforce, keeping staff injury free has become more and more priority and the Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Carts are one way to drastically aid in injury prevention.  In today’s economy retirement age is being pushed later and later and nurses are working well into their 60’s.  Having a seasoned nurse push around heavy equipment is no longer an option for acute process.  With the Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Carts, acute dialysis staff members are seeing a viable solution.  Not only is a solution to reduction in injury seen, but an increase in efficiency for the department.  No longer is this just a great idea, it has become a necessity.


Attendees stopped by the booth to test out the carts and speak with the sales staff.  Previous customers were coming to the booth to sing the praises of the company, staff and product to new, or potential and in some instances advise sales staff of their need for more carts.  Those who were experiencing the product for the first time were able to hear firsthand testimony from their peers and realize the Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis Carts were the future of acute dialysis procedures.  Everyone gathering as much information as they could, to bring back to the powers that be in their hospital to get their own projects moving.  The constant rows of people hovering around our booth to hear the benefits of our products is a testimonial only to how innovative the product is, and how necessary it has become.


One attendee pulled the PHS West representative aside to show a picture of a brand new Fresenius Dialysis machine laid on its side.  He stated the machine tipped over in his attempt to cross an uneven threshold, “If I’d had your product, this would never have happened to a 2-day old expensive piece of equipment.”  Suffice it to say this particular hospital will be investing in the near future in their very own Ergo-Express Motorized Dialysis cart built specifically to accommodate their water treatment and new Fresenius machine.  The future of their department holds a reduction in injuries as well as a reduction in broken equipment due to manual maneuvering.


Manual transport of Acute Bedside Equipment is an injury risk to your staff.  Don’t wait for injury to happen, call today!



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