Optional power drive

November 20, 2015

Power Drive: Increase efficiency

When you make the upgrade to a power drive product you immediately increase the efficiency of your process by allowing the staff to take fewer, heavier loads.  Since the weight of what is being moved is no longer an issue, more can be added to each trip.  Once you motorize your process one staff member can transport everything safely with just the touch of a finger.

Power Drive: Eliminate push/pull injury risk

Upgrading to a power drive product eliminates the risk of injury to the staff member performing the daily task of pushing or pulling whatever it is you are looking to motorize.  Pushing and or pulling heavy carts around a facility will cause neck, back and shoulder issues.  Once the stress and strain is removed from the pressure points the staff member is left to better focus on doing their job.  Adding a motorized product to their daily task eliminates their risk of injury and allows for the staff member to move hundreds of pounds safely.

Follow the link for more information on our Ergo-Express Power Drive Products.


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