OP/ER Valet, your solution to preventing lost patient belongings.

January 19, 2016

OP/ER Valet, your solution to preventing lost patient belongings

OP/ER Valet


The OP/ER valet, patient belongings system is the perfect solution to preventing lost or stolen patient belongings. The tamper evident liner and locking pouch combine to create a scenario in which the items patients bring with them are secure and locked away free from any potential for theft or misplacement.
Often hospitals have lockers, or draw string bags into which a patient’s belongings are placed, operating under the assumption of “out of sight out of mind”. This philosophy works in some areas, however untrustworthy people exist and rummaging through someone else’s belongings exists alongside them. Be it actual theft of an untrustworthy patient claiming something was lost or stolen when it wasn’t. Hospital operational costs sky rocket when people lose belongings, or claim they are lost. The staff can do nothing but comply with the patient’s claims and reimburse. Reimbursement can be a hefty cost weighing on the hospital.
With the purchase of the OP/ER valet system, a onetime expense can save the hospital thousands in loss claims.

How does it work?

OP/ER Valet

The lockable pouch is attached to the patient’s bed and the key is given to either a loved one or to a nurse in charge. Each hospital can opt for their own process of keeping the key safe. The patient’s belongings are placed into the tamper evident liner which is sealed & signed by the patient or a loved one. In order to obtain the contents inside the bag it must be destroyed to open it and is not possible to reseal.

OP/ER Valet


Does each pouch have a different key? What if we lose one?
Every pouch has the same key. If one is lost a new one can be obtained from PHS West.

What is the start up cost?
The start up cost depends on the amount of lockable pouches desired, as well as the initial purchase of liners. The pouches are available in varying sizes with varying prices. Contact a sales and design consultant at PHS West to discuss your need and obtain a quote.

What is the annual cost?
Annual cost depends on patient census. Each patient gets their own liner, when opened the liner is destroyed and thrown away. Contact a sales and design consultant at PHS West to discuss your need and obtain a quote.

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