OP/ER Valet Patient Belongings System

May 1, 2015


Lost patient belongings claims are not only frustrating for patients, but it can be a substantial cost to the facility. We have a solution for that, the OP/ER Valet Patient Belongings System.

The first part of the system is the single-use, sanitary, tamper-evident liner. The patient belongings are placed inside the liner, and the adhesive strip seals it. oper_valet_step5_zip_open_liner_1The patient then knows that the liner has not been opened during procedure, providing peace of mind for both the patient and staff.

The second part of the system is the durable, easy-to-clean, lockable pouch. The liner holding the patient’s belongings is placed into the pouch, which is then locked for an added layer of security. valet,oper_gen_bkgrd_feature_2

oper_valet_step3_attachedBecause the pouch is attached the bed or stretcher, the patient will know that their belongings are always safely secured near by. 

For additional information on how the OP/ER Valet Patient Belongings System can help you solve lost belongings concerns, or for information on how our product compares with other types of patient property bags, feel free to call one of our Sales and Design Representatives at 1(888)639-5438, or you can fill out our Information Request Form for additional information.

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