No Design Requirement Too Unique

June 7, 2015

Endoscopy Cart - Unique DesignWhen a customer calls for an extremely unique design, PHS West steps up and delivers! We recently were approached to create a specific Endoscopy application that called for a very unique design requirement. The customer needed more storage space than what is typically available on a standard workstation and, in staying true to our commitment to “fit the tool to the job,” PHS West’s design team delivered.

This cart is a great example of how PHS West can take customization to “the Nth degree” to meet our customer’s needs. Built to be a mobile supply cabinet, this Motorized Featherweight® Double Workstation features a vertical divider section, locking drawers with dividers, hanging baskets, and adjustable height shelves protected by doors. This was done using our 2000 Series Motorized Platform Cart with Endoscopy Cart - Unique Design 2Retractable Drive, which offers an unsurpassed level of maneuverability and allows it to easily fit in notoriously tight ICU rooms. This cart is equipped to handle any and all supply needs the department will have, all while being nimble enough to tackle the space concerns that every hospital faces.

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