New Featherweight Endoscopy Carts for an Endo Center in Wisconsin

December 23, 2015

An endoscopy nurse manager from Wisconsin was in dire need of replacing old procedure room carts in her endoscopy center.  They were out dated and no longer serving the departments needs for storage of supplies and equipment.  Previously he had seen an ad in endoscopy nurse journal for a company that would customize procedure room carts.  She knew the cookie cutter carts from other companies was not going to suit their needs so she contacted PHS West to discuss the process of getting her endo center new Featherweight Endoscopy Carts for her procedure rooms.

Initial contact was made with her inside sales representative CarolAnn who reviewed our process for designing her new procedure room carts.  First part of the discussion was to figure out what was most important to her when designing the carts to ensure we met her needs.  The nurse manager indicated a high quality product and the cost of the carts was going to be her highest priority, in addition to the proper design to accommodate the equipment and supplies noting the current situation is not working for them.  With this understanding CarolAnn continued the conversation, collecting a list of all of the equipment and supplies that would need to be accommodated.  With the mash up of equipment from different manufacturers and Dr. preference between different equipment, she had a lot of equipment to accommodate as well as the typical amount of storage for supplies, which is a lot.  Knowing she had a large task in front of her CarolAnn quickly established a cart model and general design.  After some brief review of accessories and storage configurations, she was able to perfectly organize all of her equipment into suitable positions for both procedure functionality as well as ensuring any associated accessories that were added to the cart were easily accessible.  Ultimately all parties involved (Dr.’s, RN’s, and Tech’s) have the cart of their dreams, and one that the nurse manager knows will last far into the future due to the modular design allowing for infinite adjustments as their equipment, staff and process changes down the road.

When all was said and done the nurse manager said she was very impressed with the quality and cost of our product as it was half the cost of other procedure carts she had evaluated and purchased in the past that didn’t perfectly fit her needs.  Upon receiving the product, she indicated to us during our routine customer satisfaction follow up phone call that they all loved their new carts.  The nurse manager of this particular endoscopy center in Wisconsin is a part of a chain of endoscopy centers.  She mentioned that she talks about her experience with PHS West to her colleagues all the time and recommends they all do business with us and change out their procedure room carts.  Many of her colleagues are jealous of the good looking new carts she was able to purchase.  Her statement to CarolAnn about her overall experience was “Your service is awesome, I loved the quick turnaround you were able to do for us and the product is phenomenal.  I have recommended all of our other endo centers make the change to Featherweight® Endoscopy Carts for their procedure rooms”

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