Motorized Carts, Model Ergo-Express, available upgrades

November 30, 2015

Upgrade options for Ergo-Express Motorized Carts

Motor upgrades

For projects that require higher weight capacities than the standard motor upgrades are available.  We take into consideration all requirements of your application and combine the appropriate motor, gearing, and brake for your cart.

Battery upgrades

Larger batteries are the same as a larger gas tank in a car.  Simply allows for longer periods of time between necessary fill ups.  If your process requires longer time periods between charging then a battery upgrade is necessary.

Suspension drive

For transport over uneven surfaces including but not limited to curb cuts or extreme ramps a suspension drive can be added. The suspension drive works in such that the drive wheels propelling the cart are constantly pushing towards the ground so there is no loss of traction or movement.

Retractable drive

If your process would benefit from a retractable drive one can be added.  Simply press a button on the control panel to bring the drive wheel off the floor.  This will allow for manual function of the cart and easier positioning in tight spaces by manually pushing the cart into position on the 4 corner all swivel casters.

Custom size

As with all PHS West products customization is possible.  Along with any accessory or upgrade options the size of the deck is also customizable.  Whatever your needed size, we can accommodate.

Stainless steel construction

If your application requires, any of our carts can be manufactured out of stainless steel.

Clean room construction

PHS West has manufactured carts used in clean rooms (pharmaceutical, bio-tech, microprocessor manufacturing).  Contact a PHS West Sales & Design Consultant to review your specifications and get an Ergo-Express Powered Cart set up for your needs.

Anti-static isolation

PHS West has the engineering prowess should process require isolation of the product on the cart from static discharge.  This will ensure both your product and staff transporting the product will be safe when using your Ergo-Express Motorized Cart.

Pneumatic caster wheels

The Ergo-Express Motorized Carts 4 corner pneumatic caster wheels that are all swivel for easy maneuvering.

Tiller Steering

A tiller steering handle can be used in replacement of the standard handle when cornering and maneuvering of heavy loads requires.

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