Motorized Cart, Model Ergo-Express, available accessory options

November 30, 2015

Accessory options for Ergo-Express Motorized Carts


Anti-skid deck coating

Anti-Skid Coating added to the deck of any Ergo-Express Motorized Cart will prevent any boxes or items from slipping around on the deck when the cart starts or stops.  It will also protect the cart deck from any damage, scratches or the like.

Charging cord reel

As a standard option on any 2000 series powered carts we offer a charging cord reel.  Simply give the cord a tug and the cord reel will pull the cord back into the cart. It is a great accessory for cord management.


Wire or solid shelving can be added to any Ergo-Express Motorized Cart standard sizes available.  Simply contact a sales and design consultant to review your options and discuss your desired length, width, height and configuration.  Custom covers are available as well.


From a custom built cabinet to wire shelving to side rails, many containment options are available to add to your Ergo-Express Motorized Cart.  As with all PHS West products any containment options can be customized to your specifications.


Within the custom cabinets there are several additional options available.  Bins can be placed on the shelving added to your cabinet for storage and organization.  Sizing options vary so contact your PHS West sales & design consultant to review how we can create the perfect design for you.

Cylinder racks

If moving heavy gas cylinders is a task performed in your facility we can add racks to the base of the cart to separate and contain the cylinders for convenient and motorized movement of the cylinders.

Warning light

If the area in which the cart will be traveling necessitates a tall light flashing light to warn those nearby of your presence, we can add a post with this light on the top of the cart.

Warning horn

Standard all PHS West products come with a low Db beep when the product is in motion.  This beep can be turned off manually simply by pressing a button on the control panel.  If a louder warning horn is desired, one that can be compressed as a warning and is not a constant beep. This can be added to the face of the control as well, conveniently located for easy compression by ones thumb when hands are on the throttle.


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